7:30 pm19:30


27 Parkwoods Rd to modify roof line, 82 Valley Rd for a new dwelling, 42 Central Drive for a new dwelling, 27 The Terrace for a new dwelling

7:30 pm19:30

BZA; 66 Westgate Blvd.

Article V § 175-23.2 I. Requires that an attached garage with an entryway facing the side or rear yard, shall have a minimum setback of 30 feet from the facing lot line (LL 3-2015).


-Applicant proposes an attached garage with an entryway having a 29 feet one inch east side yard setback.

7:30 pm19:30

Planning Board, public hearing

Application by Greenhill Estates for a 4-lot subdivision of the property located at 1020 Plandome Rd; and
Application by Lake Road Enterprises for the partitioning of 63,71 & 73 Lake Road in the Village of Plandome Manor into three lots.
7:30 pm19:30


68 Brookside Dr.  cont'd, 42 Central Dr.  for new dwelling, 83 Brookside Dr.  for new dwelling, 37 Valley Rd.  for new dwelling, 22 Shore Rd cont'd, 82 Valley Rd for a new dwelling

7:30 pm19:30

DRB 7:30 pm

  1. 42 Central Drive     new two-story dwelling
  2. 68 Brookside Drive,  south side one and two story additions
  3. 83 Brookside Drive     prelim sketch review for new two-story dwelling
  4. 22 Shore Rd        prelim. sketch review for new two-story dwelling on bluff
7:30 pm19:30

Bd of Zoning Appeals, 1 North Drive CANCELLED

-        To construct a new two-story one family dwelling, corner lot

- Denied for the following reasons:

Article V § 175-15 Table I requires a minimum front yard setback of thirty (30) feet.

-Applicant shows a corner lot with two front yards of which the north front yard is proposed to have a front yard setback of 9.2 feet

 -Article V Section 175-15 Table IV titled Height Setback Ratio (HSR) requires that a front yard shall not exceed an 0.8 to 1 HSR

 -Applicant shows a north front yard HSR encroachment volume of 3,017 cubic feet above the sky    plane exposure line allowed